Spring Awards and Bridging Ceremony

By Troop613_admin

Purpose: To award Trailmen for their advancements through December 2021. This includes completion of branches Life Skills, Sports and Fitness, Hobbies, and Science and Technology. We will also bridge over Mountain Lion Trailmen who are ready to move up to Navigators.

Woodlands Trail – Large Group Meeting and Awards Ceremony

By Dean Logan

Awards Ceremony We will hand out branch patches, branch pins, Forest Awards and sylvan stars for Fox, Hawk and Mountain Lion patrols earned during the last half of the 2019-2020 Trail Life year and earned during the first part of the 2020-2021 Trail Life year. We will also hold a Bridging Ceremony for those Mountain…

Woodlands Trail – Missed Meeting and Joining Steps

By Dean Logan

Fox, Hawk and Mountain Lion patrols will be doing joining award steps. If this is the first year in Trail Life, you must complete the following steps: Memorize the Trailman Oath Learn the Trailman Sign and when to use it. Learn the Trailman Salute and when to use it. Learn the Trailman Handshake Memorize the…