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Implementation Guide
Trail Life Troop

Implementation Guide

The Woodlands Devotionals section of this website contains the devotionals Troop NC-613 uses during its weekly Woodlands patrol meetings. Other troops of Trail Life USA are welcome to use these devotionals if they provide value to their ministries.

Basic Organization

The Woodlands Trail level of Trail Life has a curriculum and advancement structure based on a series of steps (lessons) in each of seven frontiers. Our devotional series shares this organization. For example, Heritage elective step 6 is Early America. Our matching devotional for Mountain Lions is HT06M Worry. Other levels have a similar devotional (different lessons vary on how different the content might be).


In our typical meeting, our devotional is presented in the patrol small group, either in the middle or end of the meeting. The devotionals often presume that the skills topic of the day has been covered, but can be modified by the presented if needed to deliver the devotional first. Between 10 and 15 minutes is set aside for the devotional.

Typically, the Trail Guide who has lead the lesson of the day also delivers the devotional. Our designed intent is an accessible format for the Trail Guides who are less experience in teaching devotionals to children.

Content and Format

Each devotional follows a similar format:


The opening contains a thought back to the step of the day, and then introduces the key verse.


The main devotional outline starts with a big picture thought, and then outlines a presentation/discussion.

Memory Verse

Troop NC-613 uses a series of memory verses to support the Worthy Life scripture memorization. This section can be skipped if not using this component.

Topical Questions

These questions can be used to encourage discussion after reviewing the devotional.

Closing Prayer

A topical closing prayer is provided for convenience of the leader.


Each devotional has a link to a PDF format at the bottom, as well as version date information. There is a master index of all devotionals for ready reference.

Tracking and Worthy Life Award

Patrol attendance records can be used to track devotional progress. Devotionals are stand-alone, and do not need to be "made-up". Our troop treats the Worthy Life Devotional requirement as a cumulative time: 120 minutes for Fox, 240 minutes for Hawk, and 300 minutes for Mountain Lion. When using 15 minutes per meeting, this is 8 Fox sessions, 16 Hawk sessions, or 20 Mountain Lion sessions. For comparison, the annual Woodlands plan includes 24 lessons, or 48 on the two-year plan. Worthy Life is earned once every two years.

Trail Life Troop NC-613 is a ministry of The Shepherd’s Church of Cary, NC.
6051 Tryon Rd., Cary, NC 27518

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Ephesians 6:13 (ESV)

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