Woodlands Trail – Gardening

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Branch : Life SkillsStep : Elective – #10 GardeningPurpose : The purpose of ‘Gardening’ is to learn how to prepare, plant, and maintain a garden plant. What are some types of gardens? What are some reasons for having a garden? What types of things can be done to prepare a garden before planting? How should…

Woodlands Trail – Manners

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Branch : Life SkillsStep : Core – #06 MannersPurpose : Manners play an important role in everyday life. They govern how to behave in public and private. They teach us to be considerate of others and how to act in various situations. The “Manners” Step teaches how to consider others better than ourselves. (Phil 2:3).…

Woodlands Trail – Personal Safety

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Branch : Life SkillsStep : Core – #04 Personal SafetyPurpose : The “Personal Safety” Step should lead the Trailmen to be more aware of the world around them. It should teach them to see danger and to take appropriate action or avoidance. What dangers are in and around your home? How can you fix or…

Woodlands Trail – First Aid – Medical

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Branch : Life SkillsStep : Core – #02 First Aid – MedicalPurpose : The “First-Aid – Medical” Step provides an introduction to the treatment of medical conditions that could be experienced by Trailmen or Trail Guides during an outdoor event, or could be witnessed while out in the community. Traillmen should be equipped to assess…

Woodlands Trail – Life Skills Hit The Trail

By Dean Logan

Hit The Trail Life Skills – Hit The Trail Purpose Life Skills helps teach value lessons that can help enrich your life. The purpose is to expose the Trailmen to the real world examples and the people who may use these skills for their job. Life Skills Hit the Trail Activity List