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Outdoors Skills Field Review

October 16 @ 1:00 pm 5:00 pm

This even is to review the first three Outdoor Skills steps and the Mountain Lion Woodsman, Fireguard and Timberline Awards.

It is open to all Woodlands Trail levels. The event is focused on those Trailmen in Woodlands Trail who missed any of the first three steps of the year, the Hit the Trail (camping trip) and Mountain Lions who would like to earn their Woodsman, Fireguard and Timberline Awards.

This is not a drop-off event. A parent/guardian is expected to stay with the Trialman throughout the event. Please bring a snack and plenty of water.

We will be in the first parking area of Lake Wheeler park and set up 3 stations around the parking lot. The stations will be Ropes & Knots, Camping and Hiking and Edge Tools.  The first part of each demonstration (30 minutes) will go over the information covered in those Steps.  After that, the non-Mountain Lion Trailmen can then take a 15 minute break for fun, while the Mountain Lions learn about Fireguard (Camping & Hiking), Woodsman (Edge Tools) and Timberline Award Requirements (Ropes & Knots).  Each session will be done in 45 minutes and the review will be done after a full rotation (3 x 45).  We will split up in groups of 3 with as close to equal number of Mountain Lions in each group. Hawks and Foxes will be mixed in each group depending on how many attend.

After the learning is done, we will do a hike on the trails at Lake Wheeler of at least 1 mile.

Navigators and Adventurers are expected to lead the training, but adult leaders will fill in if necessary. Adult leaders will review the Woodsman, Fireguard and Timberline awards.

For the Mountain Lions, they will be sent home with the instructions to “practice” what they have learned with their parents and then, after a month, present what they know to the Trail Guide to earn the Woodsman and Fireguard awards. 

The Timberline Award time will be to discuss what is needed to complete Timberline. Not every Mountain Lion can earn the Timberline. They have to be a Mountain Lion for two years, earn all the branch pins and sylvan stars, complete Worthy Life for the Mountain Lion level, create and implement a self-improvement plan and do a service project. The Timberline Award is the greatest achievement to attain in the Woodlands Trail program and is sewn on the uniform and stays on the uniform as the Trailman advances through Navigators, Adventures and Guidon.

Lake Wheeler Park

6404 Lake Wheeler Rd.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
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