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Cell Phone and Electronics Policy
Trail Life Troop

Cell Phone and Electronics Policy



Trailmen are to turn off or silence cellphones, smart devices, and other electronics during regular Troop meetings, and not use these devices for the duration of the meeting.

Trailmen failing to follow this rule may be required to turn-in their devices upon arrival at a meeting.


Trailmen are not permitted to have cellphones, smart devices, and other electronics at troop campouts. These items must be left in the locked vehicles, or left at home.

Exceptions to this rule are as follows: ordinary digital watches not connectable to the internet; traditional digital cameras (which must be in cars or another designated location overnight); and items specifically listed on the official packing list for the campout.

We welcome proposals for unusual electronic items that might be helpful for a particular campout. A Trailman should communicate his idea to troop leadership prior to the publication of the campout packet for consideration.

Other Activities

The policy for meetings applies to other events and activities unless the adult leaders responsible for the event announce otherwise.

Enforcement & Cautions

Troop leadership may confiscate devices not allowed by this policy. Dishonesty in combination with unauthorized possession or use may lead to further disciplinary action by the troop.

The outdoors isn’t a friendly place for electronic gear. Even when a device is allowed, you should consider carefully whether it is a good idea to have it with you. Bringing items to outdoor events is at one’s own risk.


Does this apply to parents and leaders?

No. Parents and adults serving as leaders are not subject to this policy. Modeling responsible use of electronic devices is encouraged. Adults supervising youth must take care to prevent devices from distracting them from their supervision responsibilities.

What about a radio? An ebook reader? A calculator? Are these covered?

Yes. These are considered electronic devices. Our intent is to include all devices unless an exception is stated.


We camp to appreciate God’s created outdoors; to hone our skills and experience adventure; and to build authentic relationships with our peers. Electronics are not necessary to these goals, and have a possibility to become a substantial distraction.

Policy Notes

Policy Version Date: 2/10/2022

Requests for clarification or suggestions regarding this policy should be directed to .

View policy online at https://traillife613.org/about/troop-guidebook/phone-policy

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