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Adult Registration Policy
Trail Life Troop

Adult Registration Policy


Our troop welcomes and encourages parent participation, and does not require that all families register an adult with Trail Life USA. However, there are some situations where this registration (or an alternative certification) is required. This policy addresses these situations.

Navigator and Adventurer Campouts

We require that adults attending Navigator and Adventurer campouts and overnight activities are fully registered members of Trail Life USA in good standing. These campouts accommodate men only.

Please note that the registration process can take more than a few days, and it is advisable to seek registration well in advance of a campout or other event.

Patrol Meetings

Adults attending patrol meetings, including classroom meetings, need to be fully registered members of Trail Life USA in good standing, unless one of the following exceptions applies:

  1. The attendance is irregular (defined as two meetings or less in a year).
  2. The adult is an approved Shepherd’s Church ministry volunteer, and such has been verified by the Committee Chair or Troopmaster.
  3. The adult is an invited guest for a particular purpose; e.g. giving a demonstration or viewing an award presentation.
  4. The patrol meeting is a parent-supervised event where all youth are under the supervision of their respective parents.
  5. The patrol is compromised of K-1 students and the adult is not actively engaged in patrol activites.


Is registration requried to attend large group meetings?

No. Our large group meetings (typically held in The Lodge), are open to parents regardless of registration status. This is usually true of other functions held in large assembly rooms, as there is a clear delineation between spectator and supervisor.

Is registration required for Woodlands campouts?

No. Our present practice is that all Woodlands camping is parent-supervised, with each trailmen supervised by his own parent overnight.

What is the reason for registration on nav/adv campouts?

We believe it is important to have a measure of vetting before participating in overnight activities, and the adult registration process provides uniformity. It is frequently the case that campouts accomodations do not allow for three distinct groups of participants (youth, registered/leaders, and other parents), and grouping all adults together allows for consistent expectations in interactions between youth and adult.

Why is there a limit for classroom participation?

We feel basic screening steps are important for all adults in regular contact with youth. Younger members may not appreciate the distinction between their leaders and frequent adult visitors in the classroom. This policy is implemented to be consistent with church policies.

How does an adult register?

Registration must be initiated by a member of the troop leadership. is the preferred contact for these requests. Please also review the Registered Adult Description on the volunteer portion of the website.

Policy Notes

Policy Version Date: 7/16/2022

Requests for clarification or suggestions regarding this policy should be directed to .

View policy online at https://traillife613.org/about/troop-guidebook/registered-adult-policy

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