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Devotional – Astronomy
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Science & Technology
Core 5: Astronomy

Devotional – Astronomy


  • It was fun learning about the science of Astronomy, now let’s see what God says about Astronomy.
  • Read, or someone read the Teaching verse. FYI: The memory verse is further down

Genesis 1:16 God made two great lights - the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.


Big picture God’s creation is a wonderful reminder of His power and grace. He also made it so wonderfully that it shows us direction.

  • Q: Have you ever looked up at the stars on a clear, dark night and seen the millions of stars in the sky?
  • There are more stars than you can count. God made them all. Think about that. God made each one.
  • God is all powerful. How else could God create all that? There is nothing He cannot do.
  • God is not just powerful; He is also full of grace and mercy.
  • When we look up at the stars, the sun, the moon, or even the planets it should remind us of God’s power, but also His grace, His love toward all humanity.
  • Because the heavens (you may need to define what heavens means) declare God’s glory. They shout out to us how wonderful and amazing our God is. They are like a HUGE sign saying GOD DID THIS!!
  • The heavens remind us how BIG and POWERFUL God is, and how small we are by comparison.
  • If you could travel as fast as you wanted into the heavens, you would never reach the end of the universe. It is so big it is beyond our understanding how big it is.
  • But the heavens also remind us of God’s LOVE for us, because He made it all so we could know Him.
  • That’s right! The heavens are a HUGE compass pointing us in the direction of our loving Father, God.
  • And that is a good thing because we need reminding sometimes about God. Sometimes we get sowrapped up in our own little world, our struggles, we forget the God who is there. The God who cares.
  • And God is worth knowing. Who else would He want us to know about? For God is beautiful, He is loving, He is wonderful, and He is our loving Father in Heaven.
  • Just think of how perfect creation is! Not too hot or cold, day (activity) and night (rest), 4 seasons, etc.
  • So, next time you look up into the skies. Thank God for how truly amazing He is. Thank Him for His grace in creating such a wonderful place for us to live. And praise Him for His power and glory because He used that power to make all the heavens for you, and for me, for everyone. God created all of it, He IS powerful, but He also IS full of grace and love for us!

Memory Verse #3

Ask if anybody knows it yet and can say it? Read it together 2X Consider having a memory verse pamphlet for kids take home.

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

Topical Questions

  1. Think of the biggest number you know. Now multiply that number by itself. What number do you have?
    The universe is bigger.
  2. Can we know all about how the universe works?
    We know a little, but we will never understand it all. It is too big.
  3. Have you ever looked up at the sky and thought you were insignificant?
    God doesn’t think that. Think of our significance to bear His image in this grand universe.

Closing Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, when we look up into the sky and see the sun, moon and stars, help us to be thankful for Your creation. We stand in awe of Your omnipotent power that You created all this. For You hold the infinite universe in the palm of Your hands. There is nothing You cannot do. Thank you for sending Your son, Jesus to die for our sins. In Your Son Jesus Christ’s name, we give You praise. Amen!

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